Special features of the island of Tenerife

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Teide viper's bugloss:

Echium Wildpretii is a botanical speciality called the "Teide viper's bugloss” which can reach a height of 2 metres and mainly colonises the large plain called "Las Cañadas del Teide". It blooms in June at an altitude of 2000 metres.


Obsidian and Olivina on the Teide: 

The special mineral of the volcano is the black glass-like obsidian. It can be found, when one hikes in the national park, on Guajara Mountain and on the way to the Teide summit. This mineral is very hard and sharp. It was used by the Guanches for cutting purpose and making weapons. The mineral is also said to protect against negative energies and electro smoke. An obsidian was also worn by ancient tribes on their neck for protection.


Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife: 

This is the second largest carnival after Rio de Janeiro! The local Canarians are busy all through the year organising the decorated carts, and the extraordinarily elaborate dresses worn by the contestants from each municipality, who finally is crowned as the carnival queen.


Gofio flour:

This food consists of roasted cereal grains, which is then ground in gofio mills (El Palmar Buenavista del Norte). It was an important staple food for the Guanche inhabitants, but even today the Canary Islanders eat gofio in milk or yoghurt for breakfast.  It is fed to infants as an additive in their milk, post to being weaned. It is used to make desserts, ice cream and for thickening sauces. You can still buy it in the supermarket today.