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How to obtain the Permit?

Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, harbors one of the most impressive natural treasures globally—the majestic Teide. This volcano, proudly towering over the island, is a sought-after destination for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers drawn to its breathtaking summit and spectacular views. However, before embarking on the adventure of ascending Teide, there's a crucial hurdle to overcome: the permit.

Why do you need a permit?
The Teide summit region is a protected natural area and a UNESCO World Heritage site. To preserve the delicate environment and ensure visitor safety, obtaining a permit to climb Teide is mandatory. The number of simultaneous ascents is limited to minimize environmental impact and guarantee a secure experience.

How to obtain your Teide permit?
On-line booking : The simplest and fastest method to apply for your Teide permit is through online booking on the official website of Teide National Park. Ensure that you enter your details correctly, as incorrect information may lead to rejections.

Choose the Right Day: Plan your ascent carefully and select the desired date. Note that demand is high, especially during holiday periods, so early booking is advisable, mínimum 2-3 months ahead.

Fees: There is a fee for the permit, varying depending on the type of activity and chosen route. Check the current prices on the official website.

Personal Information: Fill out the application form completely and provide the required personal details. You will also be asked about your physical fitness for the climb.

Confirmation: After submitting your application, you'll receive a confirmation via email. Ensure to print this confirmation and carry it with you during your visit, as it needs to be presented on-site.

Important Information about Teide Ascent:
The Teide summit region is extremely challenging due to the altitude and weather conditions. Make sure to prepare adequately, wear suitable clothing and equipment, and carry enough water and food.

Respect the environment and the rules of Teide National Park. Leave no litter behind and follow the marked trails.

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Plan ahead, as Teide permits are limited.
Climbing Teide is an unforgettable adventure, providing spectacular views of Tenerife and the surrounding islands. Ensure you obtain your permit in time to enjoy this unique experience. Appreciate the beauty and magic of Teide while contributing to the preservation of this natural wonder.

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